American Association For Lost Children


Protocol Services, Inc. partners with AAFLC to rescue kidnapped children abroad and in the U.S. and return them to their custodial parent.



     Human Trafficking

      Child Rescue  Missions-Trafficking


We were part of a six-person team in Europe in March 2011. 

We flew into Paris and traveled to Osteende, Belgium on the North Sea to attempt the rescue of an 7-year-old girl.

International Justice Mission


We support this incredibly successful group in its efforts to eradicate the illegal sex trade internationally.   We are proud to have been a founding Freedom Partner with IJM.

Eduardo, kidnapped by his non-custodial father at age 1, was taken out of U.S. to the father's family in the rural Oaxaca, Mexico mountains where they grew marijuana, living a primitive existence without even toilets. He was rescued 3 years later in '2009 by the AAFLC Child Rescue Team (CRT) unit. After surveillance into the night and being confronted by 12 mountain sheriffs, the AAFLC team waited until the men were down the mountain working the fields, then grabbed the child and raced down the mountain, edged carefully past La Policia in the nearby town and headed north. Eduardo is now living with his mom in the U.S. and is very happy and healthy.  (Brief video below)


The AAFLC Child Rescue Team (CRT) traveled into Mexico City and drove northwest to Queretaro to rescue Leahlani, a beautiful girl who had been taken when she was 5.  She had been kept out of school for two years.  The CRT conducted surveillance around the clock to verify her location.  We were able to secure her safely and get her back into the U.S., where she lives with her father.

    The Defender Foundation    


The Defender Foundation is committed to finding and rescuing defenseless victims of Human Trafficking; removing them from danger; and restoring them in mind, body and spirit.mitted to finding and rescuing defenseless victims of Human Trafficking; removing them from danger; and restoring them, min
d, body and spirit.

Please visit The Defender Foundation website and see how you can become involved in the good fight.  Shield Team, Contact Team, Hotline Phone Volunteer Team -- there are many ways to stand up and take action.

We fully support The Defender Foundation and the fine work they are doing to rescue and restore victims of human trafficking.

Please go to www.bishopoutreach.org

Bishop and his Shield Team conduct quick response rescues where needed to rescue victims of human trafficking, both sex trafficking and labor trafficking.  We support Bishop Outreach as doers of God’s will.